Table of content

  • What should you know before hiring an interior designer?
  • Typical Stages in an Interior Designing Project
    • Discovery
    • Meeting
    • Design
    • Purchase
    • Production
    • Installation
  • Steps to Take Before the Initial Call
  • Steps to Take After Initial Call
    • Why Do You Want to Design?
    • Collect Your Inspiration Ideas
    • Determine Your Budget
    • What Are Your Non-Negotiables?
    • Plans for the Foreseeable Future
  • Things to Know About Your Designer
    • Personality & Style
    • Service Offerings
    • Process of Design
    • Portfolio of Work
    • Charges Computation
    • The idea of Sustainable Living
  • Final Words

What should you know before hiring an interior designer?

You have finally built the home or office you have coveted for a long time. You see four walls but wish to see the space come alive. Your design ideas, inspirations, and creativity can shape your space into the sophisticated haven you’ve wished for. 

But the good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. Hire the best interior designers in Coimbatore to design your workspace or residence in Coimbatore. 

You need to know many things before embarking on a design project with a brand-new interior designer. Your endearing home or office design project is worth the effort, and it pays off with a futuristic, aesthetic, and practical space for you to thrive. 

Typical Stages in an Interior Designing Project

The best interior designers in Coimbatore will have the project planned in optimally sequential steps such as:


The initial call is to check if you and the designer meet each other’s basic expectations.


In-person or online, you meet the designer, ask many questions to each other, determine suitability to your project, and make the hiring decision.


The designer comes up with a mood board to bring your ideas on screen in the form of 2D or 3D renders and show you a realistic preview of rooms or entire spaces.


The designer shops the materials with you based on the requirements, quality, and budget.


If resources needed for your design project are highly customized, the designer initiates production


Your designs translate into reality, and all embellishments are installed and ready to go.

Steps to Take Before the Initial Call

Before the discovery call, you need to review the designer’s website or Instagram handles to get a realistic preview of their work, a basic alignment with your expectations, and to see if any of their published work resonates with the idea you have a mind. 

Often you can see the client’s testimonials on the designer’s Instagram or on their website, which is further social proof that the person is not fake. Check out their locality as it’s better to hire a local designer, preferably the Best Interior Designer in Coimbatore, than someone far away, as they will have to be in close touch with your space, liaise with many stakeholders and check for quality and scope for improvement at each stage of planning and installation.

Steps to Take After Initial Call

Once you have invited the designer over for a site visit-cum-meeting, you first need to figure out what you need. Thinking after the meeting or during is a waste of time as the meeting will not be focused. Instead, consider the following steps and brainstorm ideas before the big day.

Why Do You Want to Design?

The first but often forgotten aspect of the design is ‘why.’ 

  • Find out why you need to make your home or office more aesthetic.
  • What your space needs to communicate to users or visitors
  • Core elements of your personality that you want the space to reflect.

Collect Your Inspiration Ideas

Get on Google, Pinterest, or Instagram and bookmark all the alluring designs that get your attention. Each design you bookmark has one or more elements you love but probably cannot verbalize. When your designer sees your inspirational ideas, they will get what you are looking for. 

Determine Your Budget

Arrive at the budget, maximum stretch, and cushion you can have for the project. This is critical, as material quality, designer’s fee, and labor cost will all be covered by you; hence it’s advisable to plan.

What Are Your Non-Negotiables?

You may have family heirlooms in the house, things, or spaces to which you have a deep emotional attachment. Figure out what they are, and the designer will plan a layout that naturally embraces your non-negotiables. 

Plans for the Foreseeable Future

Are you planning to introduce major home automation, a piece of unique furniture, or any key element in your space anytime soon? Make a list and keep it ready.

Things to Know About Your Designer

Now that you have invited your interior designer to visit, you need to ask them pertinent questions to know if you need to hire them. Ensure to cover all or at least a few of the following aspects.

Personality & Style

Find out the personality and qualities of the designer by engaging in a meaningful conversation with them. Enquire about the style of homes they worked with, their signature style, preferences, and favorite themes to work with.

Service Offerings

The best interior designers in Coimbatore strongly associate with local builders and site construction agencies and offer the support required for site renovation and installation. Check if they offer primary services such as design consultation, site measurement, space conceptualization and planning, purchase, and project management. 

Process of Design

Ask to be taken through their design process and see if you are involved in all the right places. Discuss with the designer how you’d like to be involved, as sometimes being the only decision authority might get tiresome. Determining this early on can set the tone for a more organized and stress-free working environment.

Portfolio of Work

Previous proof of work, pictures of before and after, their success stories, project management techniques, customer feedback, challenges they faced along the way, and absolute favorite moments, give you a comprehensive idea of their service and qualities.

Charges Computation

Most interior designers charge by the hour or a percentage of the total cost. For a room or a limited space design, up to 10% is charged conventionally, and for a full home or office design, 10-20% of the total cost is charged by interior designers. Some people also go by flat rates, so checking with them is important.

The idea of Sustainable Living

As much as it’s important to build your home well, it’s important to do it right. If you are concerned about the environment, you’d want to know if the materials used in construction and design are eco-friendly. Furthermore, having natural/organic elements inside the house or office is proven to be beneficial to the mind. Your designer’s idea of sustainable living can be using green technology or vertical gardens in the living room with large house plants in every corner. Discuss beforehand and ascertain if their idea matches your idea, budget, and preference. 

Final Words

Once you have gotten a complete preview of who the designer is, how credible they are, their sterling line of work, and alignment with your expectations, it is time to make the hiring decision. Take time to decide but ensure you embark on your dream project with someone who is adept at their job and wants the best for you. Hire the best interior designers in Coimbatore to remake your Coimbatore residence or office. 

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