Table of content

  • Introduction
  • The importance of an Office design checklist
  • Some fun ways you can add a personal touch to your office space design
    • Color play
    • Let the walls speak
    • Remember the outsides
    • Light and lighting
    • Art that never falls apart
  • Practicality in office space design
  • The need to incorporate privacy in the design of an office space
  • Some ways you can bring privacy into office space design
  • The essential checklist for office space design
  • Conclusion


The day has arrived, and you have finally chosen the right space for your dream venture and are planning to move in soon. But with a proper office space design and planning, it may shape up as per your expectations.

So, we have put together an essential checklist to design office space that will aid you in conceptualizing how to design an office. Because interior design is a major aspect that can help make your space come alive.

Designing an office space is no joke; it is the core of the venture’s identity and sets a communicative tone for future delegates and employees. This office design checklist will help you achieve just that and more.

This article will help you with an essential office space planning checklist.

The importance of an Office design checklist

The key to success is proper planning.” This quote can’t hold true for anything other than interior design. Interior design is the soul of any space. It can make or break any space’s aesthetic appeal and structural ideation.

Planning is a very important aspect of office space so that you stay in the ideation of your conceptual space and do not have to settle somewhere in the middle. With an office design checklist in hand, you can be sure that your office space planning goes smoothly without any hassles, and you can also ensure that you and your interior designer are on the same page.

It will ensure a well-planned project and that the budget never goes off-track while ensuring that all the important aspects of design and building are coming together as expected.

A checklist also ensures that everything is happening promptly. For example, you can paint a particular corner a certain color and have a small utility desk in front of it. The right way to go about it is first to paint the wall and then install the desk; plus, if you want carpeting in this space, you will have to complete the space before you move on to deck installation.

Here checklist will help you with bringing everything together in an ordered manner.

First, let us put into perspective what exactly are the features an office space should have. 

For this, various things need to be considered, such as the number of employees, the type of business, what your brand communicates with the client, and so on. When designing an office space, it is right to bring in a touch of your personality while catering to all team members regarding functionality.

Some fun ways you can add a personal touch to your office space design

Color play: Color can bring out the flow and transform a space from boring to exciting or casual to professional. Choose colors that align with the brand concepts.

Let the walls speak: You can have one accent wall where you can use accent pieces or graffiti to convey the message via design.

Remember the outsides: Your exteriors are as important as the interior design. The tone for the feel should be set before the main office space begins. Here you can aim to be as minimal as possible.

Light and lighting: There are a plethora of options to choose from. You can go all dim and sober or brighten up the space with extra luminescence, whatever appeals to your visual sensations. Light plays a key role in describing the overall sense of a place, so it is a major aspect of design.

Art that never falls apart: Invest in art pieces that strum your chords as a company. Art pieces that are long-lasting and come from sources whose cause you support can be a game-changer to the vibe of your office space.

Practicality in office space design

There is an ardent need to establish your office space’s purpose, each bit of space, to bring out its complete functionality. Inculcate design strategies that are focused on functional designs right from the beginning. Remember that there is no one-size-fits-all when designing a space, especially when multiple people use it.

Lighting fixtures, furniture, storage desks, and cupboards must be placed, so they come to full use during work hours and not be redundant accent pieces around the space.

Planning is key to successfully implementing design and creative ideas into the office while keeping functionality in mind. Planning can give you a view of whether the proposed options are practical.

The need to incorporate privacy in the design of an office space

Privacy aids productivity. If your employees are comfortable in the space provided to each of them, chances are that it will bring the best out of them. Here you give them a chance to personalize their little spaces for themselves. Privacy also boosts the workforce’s morale as they do not feel constantly monitored and judged.

Some ways you can bring privacy into office space design

Use of desk dividers: Desk dividers are the simplest method and can reduce the loss of space, and these are very practical in terms of privacy, functionality, and design of your office space.

An understanding of teams that need to interact regularly: Assign space to teams on the same project regularly closer to each other; this is not only fruitful workwise but also from the design aspect. Again, focus on planning.

Acoustic privacy: sound-proofing spaces while implementing aesthetic design can help each individual retain their sense of privacy.

The essential checklist for office space design

Functionality is your priority: The design of your space will be successful only if it is highly functional, with no space wastage.

Furniture choices: Choose comfortable, sturdy, and professional-looking furniture. Look for pieces that are stylish yet practical.

Colors: Paint walls in colors that ring right with the vision of your venture, yet remember that for office space, less is more. Go for colors that will enhance a professional look.

Lights: Ensure that every corner of your office space is well-lit. Choose lighting fixtures that give the maximum productivity.

Floor: Choose floorings that are practical which may blend well with the overall design, and which is purposeful aesthetically.

Windows: Good ventilation can add grace to your office space. Choose screens that are professional-looking and ensure the light from the sun enters your office space.

The Blend: Ensure that every aspect of your design plays well together and nothing looks out of place.


Choose the right professionals who can implement your ideas, enhance them, and execute a crisp-looking office space. Bharathi Interiors are the best to provide interior solutions for office space.

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