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Wood Work

Wood is the crux to feel the essence of a true aesthetic aura inside your building with other materialistic fragments.Any work made out of wood paves way for elegance and rich look to decorate your area.Such works which require the usage of wood are keenly available in our warehouse...

Painting and Polishing

The construction of a house may depend on bricks and cement but the outer look which acts as the representative of your house is the second most important aspect to be focused upon. No matter how much you spend on your floors and other furniture, decorating your pillars and...


False Ceiling

“A building without false-roofing is like a head without a helmet”. Ceiling is very important to stop the heat of sun falling right on your head or the rain drenching you or the fog from freezing you. Your head needs protection and so, our customised False-ceiling services which is highly...

Electrical & Data cable

“Light dispels darkness!” Your building needs adornments to make it glow when the there is no light from the sky. Proper connection of electrical cables is mandatory to avoid any chances of short-circuits which can cause fire. Data cables offer you the means to access internet...


CCTV Camera Fixing

Security in-terms of men is now overthrown by technology. CCTVs are now the new means of securing your work/personal space. In order to fix such CCTVs in your place, you need to have professionals who know the exact means in fixing them, for which you can contact us anytime...

Wooden & Vinyl flooring

With quality and innovation, we make sure that each square foot of yours has a vision in creating the perfect integrated flooring for your building. We provide two main choices for you to choose your flooring material; Wood & Vinyl. Wooden and Vinyl flooring brings in elegance...


Vertical & Wooden blinds work

Blinds work is an essential part to ensure privacy for you, be it in your office or at your home. Despite curtains, blinds are the new trend which is more beneficial than the former. Wooden blinds, give you pleasure in handling and maintaining it. We,...

Fabrication Work

Fabrication work is necessary for a building’s elegance and safety. Our fabrication services are executed by specialists and are carried out as per your preferences. With the use of modern machines and well-trained personnel,...


Wall paper designing & Services

Create your own ‘Wall of Fame/Inspiration/Passion/Study’ with our digitally designed and printed wallpapers which have no limitation in terms of colours, shapes or patterns. Anything in your mind can be on your wall. All we require is an idea from you and beyond that, it’s all our responsibility to design, produce and paste the wallpaper on your walls...

All Kind Of Interior Contractors

We, Bharathi Interiors, offer you a wide range of services to beautify and develop your interiors by means of all kinds of interior contractors. Starting from ceiling, wood work, the flooring, painting, wallpapers, till interior designing and many more, we have got the best workers and experts who can turn your each and every idea into a reality...


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